bring RCA to your city
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Are you an organization, an institution, a corporation, an association or a citizen and you want to bring Rifiuto Con Affetto in your town? Contact us and we will find together the best solution for RCA in your city.

Where to place
RCA dustbins:
_ Public places: public roads, squares, ecological areas, parks, public gardens, etc.
_ Chaired public places: schools, museums, libraries, centers of aggregation,
    cultural centers, shopping malls, etc.
_ Private place:  condominiums, supermarkets, bars, businesses, etc.

How to communicate the RCA project:
_ Posters and flyers: a specially designed graphics, images and content
    designed to bring to think about the topics of the project.
_ Events, meetings, conferences, presentations: photographs, videos and testimony involving
    and reflect on the topics of the project.
_ Educational workshops: to bring children and adoloscents to issues of waste, reuse and comsuption, but in an interactive way.

The Communication of the project, an integral and inseparable from the dustbin, it’s necessary to inform the public about the use of the RCA dustbin and it is designed specifically for the site where the dustbin is placed.

Credits Peranera & AkiraTec