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Daily Sustainability

Altra Economia:
The website of the monthly review that promotes ethic and sustainable life.

Bergamo SOStenibile:
the periodical of cultural information about lifestyles and sustainable business.

Best Up:
circuit for the promotion of living sustainably.

a reference point for the consumer aware that wants to limit the consumption harmful to nature.


project whose aim is to experiment with new life styles.

Comuni Virtuosi:
association of communes for the defence of the environment and the improvement of the quality of life.
environmental communication portal.

Il blog di Marco Boschini:
Projets about energical saving, the happy decreaser and sobriety.

Il Grande Dono:
space devoted to the gift between strangers. 

Il mondo (è) sostenibile:
portal of culture and sustainable information.

Over The Stop:
social evolution of the car pooling.

an interdisciplinary open network focusing on the public and communities. 

Zero Relativo:
the first community barter exchange and reuse.

Sustainable creativity

Solvatten- Safe Wate System:
Tank for water purification

Guerrilla Gardening:
“free gardening” blog in Italy.

Hippo Water Roller:
Water transport system created by the artist Marjetica Potrc.

OZU - Officina Zone Umane:
support contemporary artists to work with the local community. 

rainwater re-use.

artistic creativity as an intervention into society.


Corporate Social Responsibility

promotoin, communication and social marketing. 

consortium required for waste disposal in the Province of Macerata.

Media Res:
RSI projets and touristic marketing.

Studio Sivia Bernardini:
Professional training and business consultancy.



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