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Publink - between art and public in everyday life -
Publink is an artistic group founded by Roberta Bruzzechesse, Maddalena Vantaggi and Maria Zanchi. The aim of the group is the study of the potentialities of the art language, the exploration of the borders between public and private space, between the collective and the individual subject in everyday life.

public space: place of potentialities shared by the community which have been kept hidden in the habits of everyday life until now.

: the individual subject who finds in the work of art a hypothetical solution for his/her needs; from this solution it takes shape the essential engine of the artwork and the user becomes the author himself.  

authorshipthe user, activating the process of the artwork, turns him/herself into the author of the work of art.

: the artwork doesn’t have a definitive structure but exists as a process, able to activate new relations among the authors, the artwork itself and the new space created.

: the effective use of the work of art becomes an essential tool for the interaction between user and artwork. 

: the user, interacting with the artwork, becomes responsible of a hypothetical social change. 

the contents are spread out not only by institutional art channels, but also through the media and reach an audience not necessarily used to artistic languages.

: the strict collaboration with citizens and local institutions strengthens the potentialities of the territory and the community which are essential to make the work of art independent and sustainable.


Credits Peranera & AkiraTec